"To make a thief, make an owner; to create crime, create laws."

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Eddie Murphy at the 60th Academy Awards in 1988

I had to cut this speech down to be able to fit it into a gifset so I uploaded the full thing to youtube and recommend checking it out for yourself.

I never knew this happened. Thank you for doing this.

Sometimes you gotta be that person to make things awkward because it’s necessary


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I hardly see any heroic posts about Muslims on here, so here you go.

It’s iron fist yall

Good fucking job dude.


I love that it takes the time to specify that his attack of choice was a flying kick

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South Africa braces for one of the largest labour strikes over wages in the country’s history | Al Jazeera 

Around 220,000 engineering and metal workers belonging to South Africa’s biggest trade union have launched an indefinite strike over wages.

Members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), the country’s largest labour union, said they would not relent on their demand for a 15 percent wage increase. On Tuesday, NUMSA and other smaller unions marched in several cities, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Though there were no reports of violence, there were incidents of vandalism and complaints of intimidation.

Once a stanch ally of the ANC ruling party, NUMSA withdrew support for Jacob Zuma’s party during the presidential elections in May, arguing for a new party dedicated to the poor. The strike came just days after workers in the platinum mine industry ended a five month strike where NUMSA sent a message of congratulations to the “courageous mineworkers for securing a decisive and historic settlement in the platinum belt”.

"This settlement is not only a victory for mineworkers, but for workers in South Africa as a whole," the statement read.

(Photo Credit: Ihsaan Haffejee/Al Jazeera)

Working class pride ! Keep on fighting

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